Qualifications: We have been professionally installing since 1999. Above and beyond 6 years experience we are trained by Xpel in San Antonio Texas and certified by 3M, Avery, and Venture. We have been tackling the most challenging projects for years with great success.
Patterns: We are a manufacturing hub so we generate all patterns in house. We have chosen our software and computerized plotter system based on quality of design, not cost of cut fees or material savings. The fit and coverage of our computer cut kits are the best in the industry, Bar None. We guarantee it.
Choice: We offer three different film choices; 3m, Venture, and Avery. Certain vehicles and colors are better protected with certain films. We offer our suggestions and you make the Ultimate decision. Most won't tell you that because they don't want to stock 00's of extra product like we do. We also offer several versions of precut patterns or can provide quality custom patterns with confidence.
Warranty: Because piece of mind is priceless, we stand behind our work and products unconditionally. While your initial satisfaction is of great importance, we strive to exceed your expectations, years down the road. Our goal is to earn your confidence and loyalty for future business.
Custom Application: We're not scared! Black cars/Exotics/Custom Vehicles... Bring it on. We are very good at what we do and proud of it. We tackle what others won't. From million $ vintage race cars, to one-off rear bumpers, we have the skills to tackle requests from the most finicky of customers. We offer wrapped hood edges, full hood kits, and custom applications that most of our competitors simply shy away from.
Out Competitors Do: If our competitors choose us shouldn't you? We have a wholesale network with several smaller clear bra dealers. We provide them with our precut film kits. They also call us when they have more challenging vehicles that they have either messed up or don't feel comfortable with. Our attention to detail is appreciated by ALL!!!!