Windshield Protection
Now there is finally a solution to irritating and costly windshield damage. Ultimateshield Windshield Skin (UWS) is a clear protective window film applied to the exterior surface of the windshield. Its purpose is to prevent damage from rocks and road debris. Like glass, UWS is scratch resistance and stands up to everyday abrasions including windshield wipers. It also provides optical clarity and UV protection. To learn more about this exciting new product, click here.
Full Vehicle Wrap Patterns Now Available:
With the addition of Graphtec's FC8000-160 state of the art plotter Ultimate Shield can now offer computer cut patterns for select vehicles that cover the full hood and fenders; as well as the entire body with paint protection film. We currently stock the largest film rolls available to offer our clients not only the best but now the most coverage possible. We now offer full doors, roof, rear deck lid/ quarter panels/ and bumper on request. Please view our Gallery to see installed pictures or search our Database to see if a full wrap pattern is available for your vehicle.
Colored Headlamps:
Our colored Headlamp Protection adds style to your vehicle while protecting them from rocks and road debris. Designed for both off-road and show car use our 17 mil headlamp material is optically clear and incredible durable. We offer Blue, Yellow, Light Smoked, and Dark Smoked film. We can also treat your taillights for the ultimate custom statement. Please view our Headlamp link for a better look at what this film can do for your vehicle.
Sponsored Vehicles:
We are currently looking for vehicles to sponsor for a win win relationship. We are seeking a “select” group of individuals and/ or clubs to help promote us and receive possible discounts or sponsorship. Do you have a race or show vehicle that is a candidate for Free or discounted coverage? Please fill out our Contact Form to find out.