Word of mouth from happy clients is always our best source for new referrals.  Potential clients tend to like hearing the level of quality and service we provide, from previous customers, rather than us. Not only that, but we take pride in our work and like knowing that we have met and exceeded all of your vehicle protection needs. 

If you choose to use us for your vehicle protection we would greatly appreciate your comments on out shop, products, and service.  If possible, please include name, vehicle, and link to any form posts made. 

Thank you,
Ultimate Shield

Every once in awhile we're pleasantly surprised by a level of excellence that is all too seldom seen.  Your workmanship and expertise in applying the clear bra was far beyond my expectations.  Not only was the job perfect but done in a timely manner.  I drove the car at a Porsche track event this weekend for over 300 miles without a nick on the car.  Several of the cars went off the track spraying rocks across the track.  The Carrera GT didn't get a scratch on it and I have you to thank.  We had a crowd around the car most of the weekend and everyone remarked on what a great job you did.  Thanks again for such an excellent service can't wait to get the Ford GT done.
John Morris
Spring Mountain
W # 714 685-5122

Just had to let you know how pleased we are with the job you did installing the Xpel clear bra on our new X5!  Being somewhat familiar with the product and process having it done to my 330i last year (by someone less capable than yourself!), I was desperate to find someone with the skill to do an install to my high standards.  After finding out about you using the Xpel dealer search, visiting your website and then talking to you about the job, I was convinced that you were that someone.  After spending about three careful hours on it, the results were just awesome!  The Xpel patterns use fewer relief cuts than others which makes for a cleaner finished product, but also increases the installation difficulty.  The alignment of these complex patterns, with multiple compound curves is just perfect.

It's refreshing to find someone who takes this level of pride in their workmanship, will stand behind their work and who is so pleasant to deal with to boot.
Thanks again for having such high standards.  I would gladly and highly recommend you to the most discriminating of customers. 
Much continued success,
Ron Hipwell

Thanks again for the beautiful install today.  It's a joy to see someone take as much pride in their work as I try to achieve!  I will highly-recommend you to anyone who asks, and perhaps some of those who don't.   ;)   I'm very happy with how everything turned out, and now I can drive my Z with less worry about damage to the nose, etc.  I will not hesitate to call you in the future for more work.  I'm likin' the idea of that wood treatment on the interior trim bits.

 Dear Sean,
Thank you for being one of the rare people in the world today!
Your conscientious and professional installation of the invisible 3M protectant on my new Corvette was one of the more outstanding customer service oriented experiences that I have had in a long time.  I showed the installation to a friend of mine who has had the same product installed on his Porsche, and he wishes that he had used you!
Thanks again for caring about the quality of what you do.
Warmest regards Sean.  Keep the star shining!
George Pelton

Sean Heiland
Ultimate Auto Care, LLC
1718 N. Neville Street
Orange, CA 92865
Please do not hesitate to use me as a referral for anyone who is considering using your services.  I will gladly tell them that I have never had a more courteous, professional and technically competent experience!  Since I am a Senior Citizen, plus, I speak with a pretty lengthy background of services rendered to the many automobiles I have owned through the years.
Among my recent experiences is the fact that I employed a different installer to do the Clear Bra on my Subaru Baja.  When I asked him about doing my new Avalon, he said that was way beyond his capabilities and referred me to you.  After you finished with my Avalon, I could really tell the difference between the two installations.  Your installation was far and away superior!  As you know, recently, my wife had a little parking lot altercation with the Avalon and I needed the Clear Bra replaced.  Your re-installation job was every bit as perfect as the first one.  And, the Clear Bra saved me from an expensive paint job.
Someone might be able to get an installation a little cheaper elsewhere, but I would tell them that because of my other installation experience with my Subaru, I know that the bitter taste of poor quality lasts far longer than the fleeting sweetness of an apparent bargain   
William L. Robertson
Phone:  949-492-2415
E-mail:  willrob2@cox.net

Thanks for doing such a great job on protecting my GT, not only the precut patterns were perfect, even the custom pieces turned out flawless also.  I'll bring over the other cars for you to work on soon.

Sean- I am so impressed by the work you did on my new Vette I just bought for my 40th birthday. You are a true professional when it comes to protecting and detailing my dream car. You walked me through the process and explained all the options so I could make an informed decision on which "invisible bra" material to use. On the very next day I was driving to work, a construction truck hit a bump on the freeway and dumped some gravel that hit the front of my car. I quickly pulled over to inspect the damage. Not one scratch on my car!!! I wiped off the dust and gravel that had collected in the front air dam. No damage. I sprayed on some plexus that you gave me to clean the "bra". And it was like nothing had happened. Truly amazing. Co-workers came out to see the work you did and couldn't tell there was an "invisible bra" on the front, mirrors, and wheel wells. They had to get real close and look at a certain angle to see it. Thank you so much for everything you did! I am going to tell all my friends about how good you are with detailing and protecting cars.
Tom Schiada

Having owned a number of exotic cars and motorcycles over the years it is always exciting to find someone that shares the same passion in protecting ones “Toys”. I was very pleased with the very professional experience which I received. Initial calls were responded to immediately and a accurate estimate was provided. The best aspect of my experience was the excellent attention to detail and the quality of the work provided. Based on my satisfaction I will not hesitate to refer anyone that inquires about my clear bra over to you.

A Hensling


’s hands, so I spent quite some time researching and visiting several professionals in Southern California… and clearly you were the right choice.  You have a clean shop, friendly staff, impressive website gallery, wide selection of films, quality patterns, and a personal passion in making sure the installation is just right and that the customer is completely satisfied with your work.
The full hood/bumper/fender clear bra application on my ’07 arctic silver Cayman S came out fantastic.  Thanks for spending the better part of your afternoon and evening getting the protection just right.  You’ve earned my full confidence and trust in all my vehicle protection needs.
Thank you again,
San Diego, CA

Thank you, Sean. I am happy to be driving a protected car!

Bottomline, when it comes to film, it's the quality of the installer that makes all the difference.  I had heard so many good things about your installations, I am glad that they are all true. Not only did you explain things, you recommended the right areas to film and discouraged me from filming unnecessary areas. The atmosphere at the shop is great; it's a comfortable place to spend time and I felt welcomed. I've already recommended you to a few friends.

Thanks again, and keep me posted as to the wood trim replacements.


Hey Sean!  I am referring a number of friends to you.  Please take care of them!

Guys - Some of you have asked me for Sean's contact information and some of you have not (but should consider it).  Sean is the owner of Ultimate Shield (www.ultimateshield.com) located in Orange.  He's the one that wrapped the entire front end of my Carrera GT and Gary's Stradale. 

 There is an Enterprise Rent a Car a mile away which makes it convenient for you to drop off your car in the morning and pick it up later the same day.  You need to call or email Sean and make an appointment.  He can wrap a full car (he did the Carrera GT - doors, side skirts, and front bumper) in a day.  His number is 714-412-4851.

I am giving a wholehearted recommendation for Sean and his crew at Ultimate Autocare. Ultimate Autocare did everything in their power to accommodate my schedule and requests.  When the car transporter showed up 3 hours late and very dirty, I was not sent home. Instead, Angel took pictures of my car to document the condition upon delivery and then did a fantastic job washing my car before applying the Ventureshield coating. The car was finished the same day and the job was done with great precision. The fit is perfect. Sean and his crew stayed late and did not rush to get the job done right. I would recommend Ultimate Autocare to anyone who realizes that the best value is the one which is done right the first time, and which disrupts your day as little as possible. Great work guys!

Mike Major
PS. please feel free to use it and give my email address if anyone wants a review.

Sean:  Thanks for the superb job installing the clear bra, head light, fog light and rocker protection on my '08 Vette.  I did my research.  You came highly recommended and you certainly delivered on your reputation.  It was a positive experience from my first email, to the install and your follow-up to make sure I was happy.

A short story - when I came in to drop my Vette off for the clear bra install a gentleman started talking with me as soon as I stepped into the shop.  I thought sure it was you or an employee since he was talking up the product, the quality of install and even had me go outside and look at a Z06 with full hood protection.  It turned out he was the owner of the Porsche you were working on.  That says a lot about you and your crew when your customers sell your services - top notch all the way.  I have recommended your shop to several friends with new vehicles and anyone who asks about the install.

Thanks again.  Pat 

Oh by the way - I need more of your business cards.

Hi Sean -

I'm still trying to get through the damn break in miles on my Porsche but I'm so glad I did the clear bra.  I got stuck behind a series of huge trucks on the 5 this weekend and I could hear the rocks and pebbles hitting my car.  I just knew I was going to have some damage.

But a thorough wash and some Plexus and there's no damage and the car still looks brand new.  Awesome...
and thanks again.


Christian Asis
2008 911 Carrera S

July 2, 2008

Sean Heiland
Ultimate Shield
1718 N. Neville St.
Orange, CA 92865

Hello, Sean, and thanks for the great work you did last month when you installed the clear bra on my Solara. The results your shop achieved were outstanding. I’m entirely happy with the product and – more important – with its application, which you accomplished perfectly.

I researched more than a few of your competitors, and spoke with people who are acquainted with related products and applications. After completing my inquiries and talking with you, I was quite sure you’d be able to provide unparalleled service.

I was right.

Thanks again for the wonderful job. I look forward to years of enjoying a car that’s protected against front-end dents from flying stones; big, bad bug corpses; tree sap; and scratches from my cats, both of which sometimes enjoy a martini or two on the car’s warm hood. The only thing you could have done to make life better on installation day was to induce a major gain in the stock market. You didn’t to do this. Then again, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve didn’t do it either. So not to worry; you’ll be glad to know I don’t hold you responsible for The New York Stock Exchange’s erratic behavior.

I am, however, holding you entirely responsible for having completed a superb job installing the clear bra. I’ve already recommended you to my wife, who has a relatively new car, and to a few buddies. And when I next complain to the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve about the effect of his actions on the equities markets, I’ll recommend that he take his limo to your shop – even though he lives in Washington. You’re worth it.

Joseph Germano


thank you very much for your excellent work. You and your team have done an outstanding job on my girlfriend's '07 XTerra clear bra. It was such a clean job that in fact she didn't even notice it on her own car until I pointed it out to her. The fit it perfect and the difficult curves on the body were mastered without a hitch. And hats-off to your shop - very nice layout and definitely one of the coolest looking shops around.

Thanks again

NSX Forum Post:
Hi all,

I got my car back last week from Sean at Ultimate Shield at Anaheim last weekend. I have ordered a full front clear bra per Sean's professional advise. It turns out to be very good. Now I don't have to worry of the swirl mark for the front part of the car. I think it's well worth it. I got the car at a very low mileage, and the previous owner took a very well care of the car. And thanks for Sean for putting protection to prevent any rock chips. This is my second car that I have taken to Ultimate Shield. I think both of my cars turn out very nice. It doesn't have any bubbles. Sean's after sales service is spectacular. I would highly recommend Ultimate Shield to anybody if you are looking for a clear bra for your NSX.

I have also attached some photo after Sean put the clear bra on my car.

On Aug 27, 2007, at 3:45 PM, Sean Heiland wrote:
 Thanks for the kind words!!!!
Sean Heiland

Hi Sean,

I am just telling the truth.  So I would hope that you can get more business.  I have give out your car to other NSX member when I went to the meet on that weekend.  A lot of people were very impressed with your work.  I will post on another forum where it's belong to the South Cal NSX.  I will have to setup an account with them first.

I wondered when you go into the forum, were you able to see my pictures?  When I check the thread at work, I wasn't able to see any photos.  Please let me know...


Thanx for the superb job you did installing the 3m bra on my black 07 Infiniti G35 coupe and the spectacular mirror finish detail work. My car looks amazing! I am extremely satisfied.  I was absolutely amazed when I picked up my car, The film is 99.99% invisible, I can only see it when I view it from a certain angle, and the finish on the whole car? WOW!!!!  It feels like baby skin, What a great job!  You truly are a professional and the best in the field.
 I will recommend your services to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat.
 For all of you who demand nothing but the best for your investment on wheels,Sean Heiland at Ultimate Shield is by far your best deal. 
 Thanx again Sean,
Ed Iniguez; Canyon Country Ca.

Dear Sean

I am delighted to provide a glowing endorsement of your work on my Porsche.  From scheduling to delivery, you and your staff were friendly, efficient , and completely professional.  High quality work is never cheap, nor should it be.  When you make a significant investment in a beautiful car, a little extra cost to protect that investment is just common sense.  The clear protective coat you applied just a few weeks ago has already deflected gravel, sand and other road insults that would have otherwise marred the finish.  You always say that this product is not a "force field", but it's the next best thing.

Working with you has been a pleasure--I have already recommended your team to others and will continue to do so without hesitiation.

All the best,

Stan Katz

Hey Sean,

Sorry it’s been so long to respond back but I kept the email because I knew eventually I would get a chance to answer… I’m in retail and the Xmas holiday and Thanksgiving kept me busy.

I was contacted by a friend that had your clear bra put on his  Black Lexus. For anyone who has ever owned a black car they quickly realize how great they look, but what a pain they can be to upkeep! He had the entire front bra put on and as luck would have it not to long after that he had a rock put a decent size dent in his hood. He had it repaired and decided to come back and have you guys put on a full clear covering on his entire hood. After seeing him go through all of this and hearing him tell me how impressed he was with your product and service I decided to have you do some work on my new Altima Coupe. I had the entire front end done along with the headlights and mirrors. I must say it’s almost completely un-noticeable and everyone that’s seen it is very impressed!!! What a great product…
I must say after being in the retail industry for quite some time and dealing with,, shall we say, some less than cordial people it was refreshing to deal with a company that obviously cared deeply about their work! Everyone in your establishment was more than friendly, and it didn’t hurt to have some great TV to watch and something to drink to help pass the time… Thanks for the great service!!!

A couple of additional things Sean, I had a shopping cart slam into the left front quarter panel and after the repairs I’ll need that small section of bra re applied. It’s maybe a foot by a foot big in that area so can you give me some idea of cost??
After I have the repair done I also need to go back to my local Nissan Dealership here in the Inland Empire. I’ve talked to their General Service Manager and he was very interested in your product for his clients. I showed him your guys work and bragged a little and needless to say he was impressed! He requested I pass your info along to him which I will do when I go back in. Let me know if you need any more info on the affected area.


Paul D Jones

SRT-8 Jeep forum post: http://www.cherokeesrt8.com/forums/showthread.php?p=94680#post94680


Hey Sean!  I am referring a number of friends to you.  Please take care of them!

Guys - Some of you have asked me for Sean's contact information and some of you have not (but should consider it).  Sean is the owner of Ultimate Shield (www.ultimateshield.com) located in Orange.  He's the one that wrapped the entire front end of my Carrera GT and Gary's Stradale. 

There is an Enterprise Rent a Car a mile away which makes it convenient for you to drop off your car in the morning and pick it up later the same day.  You need to call or email Sean and make an appointment.  He can wrap up to half a car (he did the Carrera GT - doors, side skirts, and front bumper) in a day.  His number is 714-412-4851.

Hey Sean,
I just wanted to say thank you again for the absolutely great job you performed on my 350z for installing the clearbra.
I only wish I went to you in the first place, and that would have saved me from a lot of mess that I had to put up with for the past few weeks.
Unlike the guy I went to in Arcadia, who gave me many promises and failed to keep any one of those, you guys delivered what was promised and more.
I would definitely recommend you to my friends because I know that they would really appreciate my recommendation.
I look forward to seeing you again when I get my next car.
Thank you.

Ferrari Forum Post: http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/showthread.php?p=137451473#post137451473

Ultimate Auto Care Rocks!
On the recommendation of a fellow Fchatter, Jeffrey, I took my car to have a clear bra installed at Ultimate Auto Care. As of yesterday late afternoon I had no appointment and was on my way to pick up my car from Premier. Dave (Premier) was horrified that I might get a rock chip on his new paint job. Dave immediately called Sean (Ultimate) and asked if he would be willing to work on Saturday to install the clear bra. Sean, immediately gave the thumbs up and with very little begging. I dropped my car off this morning with Sean and his crew. A little over 7 hours later the car was done and looks perfect. I can't say enough great things about the service and quality of the product I received from Sean. I drove 80 miles each way and wouldn't hesitate to go back for any future work that I may need in the future. Sean is a true professional and perfectionist. Thanks Jeffrey for the great referral. Here are a few pics from the install today. www.UltimateShield.com


I was very impressed with your shop. It was clean, organized and well lit. You made me feel very comfortable while explaining the entire process to me. It was a pleasure to watch you work. You took your time and refused to rush through. I appreciate your attention to detail in every facet of the installation. I had only had my truck for two weeks and already there was evidence of small pits on the front finish. You took the time and care to fill them in before you would start. You treated my truck as if it was your own.

I can see the pride you take in your work. I now drive my truck with the confidence knowing that I made an investment to protect the finish of my truck. A week after the installation I made a 500 mile round trip with my wife. When we got home we marvelled at how the front of the truck looked. There were no pits at all and no damage to the protective film. It looked like the day it first applied. The 3M film did exactly what you said it would.

All of my future vehicles will have your expert protection applied to them. I look forward to it. Thank you very much.

A very satisfied customer,

Ronan Loving

BMW Forum Post: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810925

Thanks again for the awesome work!
Here is the link to my post on the Cayman forum:
I'll be in contact shortly to discuss a PPF install on my Ducati.  Thanks!


Hi CClub members:

I just had my car over at Ultimate Shield in Southern California to have
the paint protection film installed.

Sean is the owner / master installer at Ultimate Shield, and what awesome work they did to my Cayman S in Atlas Grey! Their workmanship is top notch!

I had the complete front bumper kit installed, along with the full hood and full front fenders option. Also, the headlamps, fog lights, turn signals, and mirrors were also protected with the clear film. I even had my windows tinted there, they were able to install the tint at the same time as the Clear Shield.

There are endless options as to what you can have protected and his shop can readily produce almost any pattern; however, Sean was great at keeping me from going overboard.

I especially like the full hood and full front fenders option because the seams are hidden at the edges of the hood. On the dark Atlas Grey paint, the Clear Shield is virtually invisible.

See the attached pics below...it really is virtually invisible!

For more details and to see pics of Sean performing an install, go to:

Ultimate Shield

Phone No. 1.877.70Clear

Check out the pics of his shop on the above website...it's really cool, with vintage auto and motorcycle paraphernalia. His attention to detail is apparent.

Ford GT
Sean, Thanks for the pics The Car came out great. Referred you my neighbor with a silver Z8 Regards, Luis

It would like to take some time to thank Sean at Ultimate Auto Care.  The job that he did on the clear bra for my Porsche was phenomenal I love it.  He his professionalism and expertise was what led me to choose his services.  I actually got the referral for his services from an outside source. So I would in the highest regard recommend Sean and Ultimate to anybody that desires his expertise.

John Gilford

Clear Bra in LA

Mike, I did a lot of research on this. I'm actually in North County San Diego and I ended up at Ultimate Shield in Orange. They do a lot of high end cars and I was extremely impressed with the pride that they take in doing it right. They also stand behind their product and are committed to your satisfaction. I'm sounding like I work for them, which I don't. I was just very happy with the job they did on my Cayman. Sean Heiland is the guy to talk to. 714-412-4851. sean@ultimateshield.com. Ultimate Shield. 1718 N. Neville St. Orange, CA 92865

Clear bra install in So Cal  Vette Forum Post
Just wanted to say that if you need a EXCELLENT jot of a clear bra being installed PM me so I can give you the information. I know he isn't a supporting vendor, so don't want to break any rules. His name is Sean and he just does outstanding work!!

Very nice, shop is top rate and the prices are great too! I'm so glad I have it on here now as the roads are so dirty in so cal. There are so many options, and he has the plotter right there so he can cut them right in the shop. You can't even see it's there and when you do shine it up the whole car just comes to life. He also custom did my hood so that there was virtually ZERO seam and you have to look for that seam. I went with the full hood for extra protection.

We also did a little fun on the car, blacked out the lights, not the headlights and it just makes the whole car come to life!! I'll get a few better pics when I get her washed up from the drive home, but here are the one's from the shop.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I feel it was money well spent.

My 1987 Porsche 928 S4, 5 speed  http://members.cox.net/my_1987s4_928_c/Venture%20Clear%20Bra%20Installation.html

  • Based on Wilson's (Premier Protective Films International) recommendation, I have used Ultimate Shield and the Venture film.  The following are ball park quotes from Sean, as of December 2007:
    • roughly 00 for:
      • partial hood/ fenders,
      • mirrors headlight covers, and
      • full wrap custom bumper, 
    • add about 0 for full hood/ fenders (depending on film usage).


  • Over all - it is an excellent installation, to the point that it is impossible to notice the shield on anywhere when standing next to the car (one has to look down about foot away to start noticing details),
  • Sean did excellent job, considering how difficult Porsche 928 front bumper is:
    • film follows side beads, but is wrapped down and below the hood, in the center section of the bumper,
    • film wraps inside the fog lamp opening, down to the lamp lens plane,
    • film wraps over the grills, all the way to the back of the grills,
    • film wraps down to the sides of the bumper, and
    • all that is done out of a single film sheet!
  • Hood's film warps under the hood, expect for no more that 1/32" of each corner, which is not visible while standing next to the car.
  • Mirror's film is slightly wrapped around the upper edge so the film is completely invisible when looking at the car from the front or side.
  • The only really minor imperfection is that the circle cutouts for headlight washer nozzles are not perfect circles:
    • Sean custom-wraps the entire bumper,
    • This means that circles need to be cut by hand after film is stretched over the nozzles and pulled down for proper wrap around, 
    • Computer generated pattern would result in a perfect cutouts but the pre-designed Porsche 928 pattern only covers top surfaces with no wraps around (such as fog light cavity or grills),
    • It is likely that even computer generated pattern, with perfect circular cutouts, would have resulted in a slightly elliptical opening once the film is pulled down and stretched for wrap around the bumper cover,  
    • Cutouts can only be noticed when looking at them from approximately a distance of one foot away, and therefore
    • This was very small tradeoff for having the entire bumper covered with a single sheet.


I must admit that I was a bit skeptical how the finished product would look.  Once it was completed I was amazed how remarkable it came out.  I was so pleased not only with the look but with the protection it affords, that I posted my absolute satisfaction on the BMW forum: The Ultimate BMW Forum in the 5er section.  It was a pleasure hanging out at your shop and I already recommended your company to friend of mine who owns a new 535.

I wish you all the success.


Robert Bryson

BMW Forum Post: http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?p=2801469#post2801469

Clear Shield
After doing some research on the forums, I decided to go with Ultimate Shield http://www.ultimateshield.com/ for the clear bra. I don't have any regrets! You get what you pay for! Ultimate did a great job on installing and anyone who's in SoCal who's thinking of getting their cars done should go to Ultimate! Thanks Sean and Angel for the very clean install!!! My friends didn't even notice I had the stuff on my car!

- full hood
- full fender
- rocker panel
- front bumper & aero lip
- a pillars
- side mirrors
- rear bumper (top only)
- gas tank

BMW Forum Post: http://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=145622

 Thanks for the quote and I've decided to go with another company due to price. I think I've made a wrong pick for someone to install my clearbra and headlights. I will keep your information for future reference.
I had gone with XXXXXXX that I found on the 3M Xpel website. The person was a mobile installer. I had him install the complete kit for my car that 3M made. Now when he was completed with the bumper it did not look right. I noticed under the heavy curve underneath my left and right headlights that there was severe wrinkles looked like it was stretched out? I pointed it out to him and he stated it was the nature of the film and it was called silvering (I had no clue what silvering was, but he stated that was normal?). Also it appears that the film on the front of the hood is lifting somewhat and getting dirt trapped in it as it is not stuck down all the way. When I asked him if he can make it stick down so it will not lift he stated that I should regularly get 25% alcohol and 75% water and spray it in there and wipe it off with a cloth ( I don't think I should be doing this....). Now the headlights he used a film that was not from 3M but from Xpel (much thicker than the normal film that is applied to the body of the car). The film covered the entire headlight, but when he was complete I noticed that it looked like he did a hack job cutting the top excess film and the right side headlight had some piece of debri along with a bulge which looked like my headlight underneath had melted and the plastic film is cracked. I asked him and he stated it is normal and should go away, which I do not understand how this would go away. Now the left side headlight, he left excess film to hang over the bottom of the headlight and asked him if he can remove that as I was afraid that when I went to wash my car that I would peel it off with the sponge over time.

This company I would never recommend as it took him 6hrs to install everything but the headlights. Headlight film it took him 1 week to get in, which I was not happy about.

His appointment scheduling and customer service is terrible. He makes an appointment to do my headlights then says he has another customer going to his house and has a business appointment to go to so he can not do mine, so I had to reschedule.
I will recommend you to my friends and come back with my tail between my legs on my next new car.  Thank you for your follow up.

Im sorry to hear of your experience.  We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction with emphasis on the job being right the first time.   We may not be the cheapest but we are very fair with our pricing and very good at what we do.  Unfortunately the old saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play sometimes.

If I can be of help in the future please don’t hesitate.
Sean Heiland
Forum Post: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2062459&postcount=11

Ultimate Shield did a fantastic job applying their “clear bra” product on my wife’s 2007 XKR Jaguar.  Due to fact that the car is black the project was even that much harder.  I can tell you the end result looks flawless and gives my wife and I piece of mind knowing that our car is protected.  I’ve repainted the front end of other exotic cars due to bug and rock chip damage………………….I paid in excess of 00.00.  This product is cheap insurance.

Ultimate Shield’s attention to detail and courteous staff/service made it that much more valuable!

Jason Arnold

I recently bought a new Tundra Limited Double Cab pick-up.  I did not want to put a bra on it after what happened to my old  pick-up.  When I took the bra off of my old pick-up, I could not believe the damage.  Wear marks, rub marks and damage form rocks and dirt that had got underneath the bra.  I figured I would hope for the best with the new Tundra.   Well, I was at Pavilions in Anaheim Hills and I noticed this Honda car in the Parking lot with Ultimate Auto Care Logos on it, advertising the Ultimate Invisible Bra.  Once I looked at it, I was on the phone to Sean and he explained what it was all about.  I asked how soon he could put it on because I was going on vacation to Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  He was out in a couple of days and the front of my new truck was protected.  I drove my new truck on it's first road trip and not one ding on the front.  We even hit a sand storm outside of Vegas.  The Ultimate Car Shield worked great and it looks great!!  You can hardly tell it is on.  And come to find out, Sean has put the Car shield on a  friend of mine's car and he is very happy with it.   I can not say enough about the customer service and the product.  Thanks, Sean!   
Bob Lay
Anaheim Hills      

I've had the clear bra on my Corvette for just over a month and couldn't be happier with it. Your installation work is outstanding and the performance of the product is great. I've heard small stones hit the front of the car with no damage at all to the clear bra. Dirt, bugs and road grime wipe off leaving no marks. All in all it is a great product.
I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks.

Hi! Sean
I'm more than happy to tell others about the great job you did on my Toyota Sienna. Even though it wasn't a 100,000 dollar car, you still maintained the same professional workmanship as if it was your own vehicle. Again thanks for the help, in maintaining a beautiful car for many years to come.
Charles A Flexser

Hello Sean,
Thank you very much for a great job done and the excellent cutomer service.
A friend of mine drives a black Porsche 911 Turbo and took a look at my Clear Bra.
He stated this was a outstanding job better than on his own car done by the dealer when he bought his car.
Thank you again

Hello Sean:

Thank you so much for sending me the pictures!

You did a great job on my car and I am very pleased with the results and the look.  You did a fantastic job of blending the seams of the car with the plastic.  I took a short trip this past weekend in the car, and the clear bra certainly saved the front from nicks and rock chips.  Thanks again.


Kevin Takeuchi

I want to thank you for doing an outstanding job in installing the ultimate shield on my 2007 Trailblazer SS. It should protect the front of my vehicle for a long time.  The reason I required your services for this installation was because of the excellent job you did on my 2007 Chevrolet Corvette.  I am also pleased with the excellent detailed painting of my brake calipers and hubs.  It makes the wheel area look great.  Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to use your services in the future.

Bill Menzel


I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using Ultimate Shield clear bra on my Ferrari. The level of detail and quality in the application has realy impressed me. Thank you for the great job!

Best Regards,
Michael Malki


Thanks so much for a job well done.  I enjoyed chatting with you and my car looks phenomenal.  =)  Thanks, too, for the movies, almonds and drinks!  Continued success to you! 

My experience with Sean and his business, Ultimate Auto Care, was nothing but 5 star.  I felt that I was dealing with someone honest and customer-oriented from the minute I walked into the shop.  Coming from someone who is a perfectionist, you will get A+ work at a great price.  The 3m paint protection is amazing!  I also enjoyed snacks and movies while I was there.  What a deal!  I will most definitely be returning for any auto care I may need and will recommend all family and friends.  Thanks again, Sean!   

Karen Mercadante

Hey Sean,

Thanks for the follow up and pics. Really appreciate it. I couldn’t be happier with your work and service. The clear shield and tint work that you did were top notch and are getting compliments from my friends. The end result is really money well spent and I am glad that I did not go anywhere else. Thank you for the excellent work and for going out of your way to have me be at work while my car was in your shop.

More power to you and again my sincerest thanks for the excellent work.



DefaultOC Clearbra install

Well, after extensive research I finally found someone in OC that I trusted to do a Clearbra install on my NSX. My research kept pointing to Premier, but their LA location was not convenient for me. The guy I used was highly recommended on the BMW forums.

I picked the car up last night and I'm pleased with what he did. I opted to have the nose and full hood done, rather than the partial hood and unsightly line that many cars have across the hood. The installer had never done a full hood before, and consequently he made one very small error behind the washer spray nozzle, but unless I pointed it out most people won't notice it. I have no pictures to post because, well, the bra is clear.

So, here are the particulars; I had the complete front of the car and the full hood covered, as well as half of the front fenders. I also had the mirrors covered, the leading edge on the air intakes and the spats behind the rear wheels. The price was 25. The upcharge for the full hood (0) is included in the total, so if you only did the typical partial hood your price would presumably be considerably less.

Ultimate Auto Care
Sean Heiland
1718 N. Neville St.
Orange, CA 92865

Sean is a good guy and runs a clean shop. I have no interest in his business and am only passing along this information for the benefit of others on the forum. YMMV.

I must state that the various jobs you did with the installation of the 3M Clear Shield on my car is impeccable. When you described the options I had I knew I chose someone who not only knew the product, but also took pride in his work. When I had to have my bumpers repainted the clear bra that was installed by another shop was not the same professional installation you did originally. That cut did not cover the whole surface area of the bumper. You were able to repair the job that was completed by someone else and the whole surface area of the bumper was protected once again. Also, kudos to the job you did on the rear bumper. When you finished the custom work of installing the clear bra over the ENTIRE rear bumper. It was as good, if not, better than if it would have been precut from a pattern. I highly recommend your integrity and professionalism for those who want nothing but quality work done on their automobile.
Joel Golden

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the pictures!  I am very pleased with the Clear Bra and they have been the best installs I have had!  Truly professional and pretty damn close to perfect.

 Thanks again for the great work!



Thanks for doing such a great job on protecting my GT, not only the precut patterns were perfect, even the custom pieces turned out flawless also.  I'll bring over the other cars for you to work on soon.
Ford GT

Audi Forum Post: http://forums.audiworld.com/rs4b7/msgs/38992.phtml

Sean, thanks for the great service & work. I really like my new clear bra. I can hardly see it. It is awesome!!! I told my buddy, Cliff Riggs about you. He has a new Dodge Charger RT and wants a clear bra. He said he will call you.

Talk and see you soon.


Thank you Sean for the great work on my new BMW 335i. I'm very happy with how everything turned out and I will definitely be coming back to Ultimate for all of my detailing, tint, and clear bra needs in the future.

Best regards,


It was a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to bringing my cars to you in the future. 
To all potential future customers. Sean does outstanding work and a true professional. I was considering going to another company that was closer to home. After viewing Sean's website, then driving by the other company it was clear that Sean took pride in his business.  I was not disappointed when I arrived at his shop. It was immaculate.  While watching him work I saw that he was a skilled perfectionist. I was definitely pleased with my choice and the work that Sean did.
  David Bobo

Thanks again for the clear bra. You were very professional and I love the excellent job you did, you beat other competitor prices, scheduled me in the very next day that I called, and you touched up the chip on my bumper for free! If it wasn't for the LCD TV, movies, playstation and the free energy drinks, I would've sat there in the shop going insane. Thanks again for the excellent job, will be sure to refer anyone interested your way.

Calvin J


Thank you for the most excellent work on my wife's new Camry.

She was very skeptical about the idea of an invisible bra to protect the front of her car, as she dislikes the regular black vinyl types, but, you won her over with the invisible one.

Thank you, and good fortune to you
Richard Witte

Hey Sean

I’ve attached a couple photos for you.

bugs.jpg shows the front end of the Corvette after the drive from ND back to CA.  I had just pulled into my driveway in CA after 24 hours and 1706 miles.  Total trip was 3500 miles.  I collected a few bugs along the way.  Over the whole trip the car saw days of rain, a little hail (bb sized), some gravel and really isn’t any worse for the wear.  The clear bra did exactly what it was suppose to.  There are a couple dents in the clear bra that I’m sure could have brought a tear to my eye if it would have been bare paint.

wash1.jpg shows the Corvette after a good bath.  wash2.jpg shows the Corvette this morning on National Drive Your Corvette To Work Day.  You wouldn’t even know it had been out on a 3600 mile road trip.  J

sky.jpg shows the sky that spawned a few tornadoes back home in ND and hail up to 3” in diameter.  The Corvette was in the garage for that storm.

There are a number of amazing car collections back home in ND.  Dave Ressler of course has one of the finest Corvette collections in the world – including the 2009 ZR1 which he paid 1mil for and the oldest Corvette – a 1953 serial number 3 purchased for 1mil.  An old bicycle buddy has some 20 odd Mustangs.  Another person has a couple Vectors.  And the list goes on.

Thanks again for the great job installing the clear bra.

Sean, when we left on Thursday the winds were blowing and you could hear the sand pelting the car, I could not have picked a better time to use product.  It is oblivious that you guys have a passion for automobiles and a keen skill that will keep looking their best.

Kris Mills

Good Afternoon, Sean You did my wives car this morning in Ranch Cucamonga. I just wanted to say Thank you for doing a excellent job. I will keep your number and be giving it out.
I will probably be buying a new car this next year and would  have you put this 3m on. I have been using this product for several years. I am very impressed with the job you did.
It is hard to find people that REALLY know how to put this on. Thanks again and have a nice Thanksgiving

Vernon Goodwin

BMW Forum Post: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=810925

Sean and Lisa:

First thnx for the first rate service to my SS. It looks great and you went the extra mile which makes first rate+ service.  Also the polish, soap and mitt will help me "do better" on  my own.

The added benefit was to see and talk to Lisa as well as seeing the picts of Cobin and Macie. They are very attractive children and take after their parents in that respect. I assume their "personal nature" is like yours too (nice) which does make them truly great children.

I look forward to keeping in touch.


Hi Sean,
So not two days after I brought my TSX over to your shop I managed to crunch my left front bumper and quarter panel into a parking pole as I was pulling out of my parking place at work.

I took the car over to Anaheim Hills Auto Body which is where I have had work done in the past and I was quite surprised and pleased when they told me that they use your services to repair the clear bra!  (He asked me who installed the bra and I said Sean Heiland and he said, "That's who we use.")  I was very happy since now I know my car will be fixed perfectly.

Anyway, be on the lookout for my car soon.  
Cindy Schwartz

Hi Sean,

just wanted to get a quote for a 3m clearbra treatment for the boxster S.  That would be the bumper, hood and fenders.  As per our conversation over the phone, can you please provide a list of days/ time slots when you can take the car?


PS.  Couldn't be happier with the job you did for my EVO!


Hi Sean,

Thanks for the pic's. I started the below thread on the GT forum. Last I check it was viewed 198 times. If you read through the comments you'll see there some thought of using your company for the upcoming national GT rally. It in August and in Newport Beach this year. You may be asked to work some weird hours but I bet you can charge a premium for it. Should be around 100 cares or so. If we plan ahead some owners might want the film in addition to detailing.

I'll keep my eye on it and let you know.....you probably can post a comment on this thread to lock yourself in as THE detailer for the event.

Let me know if I can help,

Ford GT forum post: http://www.fordgtforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6400

First the standard disclosure - I've got nothing to gain from this recommendation....I paid full price & will gladly continue to do so.

After toiling over which film product to install (roadgard, 3M, Venture etc.) I decided to use a new version of Venture the was just recently released. Next I needed to decide where to go. A couple of members from this forum recommended Sean from Ultimate Auto Care in Orange CA. Well thanks for the recommendation

This isn't my first "nice" car...I've been to many high end detailers in Sol Cal and haven't been happy with any of them. There's usually a smooth talker in the front office and a bunch of low paid knuckle-heads in the back with a buffer. Not the case at Ultimate. Everyone I met there was a professional and the shop was immaculate. I brought the GT in with quite a few battle-scars from less talented detailers. Some, from what it appears, supported their body weight with a buffing wheel on my car. As well as a host of other issues. They had it for 2 days and I'm delighted to say it looks better than new. They got out ever imperfection before they covered it in Venture Shield. Which, IMO, has less orange peel than anything I've seen to date. No "milkiness" or stretch marks either. Every time I called (probably too many times) Sean picked up the phone personally to give me an update. It wasn't "cheap" but this is a great example of you get what you pay for.....and, in retrospect, I'd have paid more. No one will touch my car other than Ultimate from now on.....

Also, this should put an end to the debate as to which is the best color for a GT......clearly all black is the way to go.

http://www.ultimateshield.com/ T. 714.412.4851

Just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding work you did installing the 3m clear bra and rocker package on my 2007 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab.
After meeting you and seeing your shop I had know doubts that the work would be done right.  You are a person who pays attention to details and takes pride in doing excellent work and stands behind his work.  That is a quality in today's times that is hard to find.

I will recommend your services to everyone I know.

Once again thanks to you and your staff.

John C. Minto

Sean - I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your effort and workmanship.
First - the effort you put forth in accommodating my schedule and getting the car done so quickly. Considering the late notice, I was thrilled when   48 hours later we had a custom kit installed to perfection. Your weekend double shift (with a broken arm and 1 month old baby at home) was well appreciated by your newest customer.
Lastly - the workmanship was flawless. I was a bit apprehensive about the film being applied to a white car. I must say it is as close to invisible as I could have hoped for. I literally could not locate any bubbles or imperfections in the installation. The extra touches were also very much appreciated. It is obvious that you are as much "into cars" as I am and I will certainly come back to you for future work.
As the owner of a service business, I fully understand the value in going the extra mile for the customer. It is also nice to have a one stop car shop that can handle just about any service a car fanatic would desire. All I can say is that your website is officially "bookmarked" for future reference.
Thank you,
J. Todd James 

My experience with Sean and his business, Ultimate Auto Care, was nothing but 5 star.  I felt that I was dealing with someone honest and customer-oriented from the minute I walked into the shop.  Coming from someone who is a perfectionist, you will get A+ work at a great price.  The 3m paint protection is amazing!  I also enjoyed snacks and movies while I was there.  What a deal!  I will most definitely be returning for any auto care I may need and will recommend all family and friends.  Thanks again, Sean!   
Karen Mercadante
I would highly recommend Sean of ultimate auto for the outstanding job he did on my new 2005 corvette.I had the invisable bra installed on the front end and it looks great! The workmanship can't be beat.I watched Sean work a solid  5  hours on my car until it was perfect. I was amazed at how he matched and fitted every piece together.Looking at the front of the car you would never know anything was on it due to a good 3m product, and the key is the installer!Sean is the man to see if you are looking or even considering the invisible bra.

Hi Sean,
I'm extremely happy with your flawless installation of 3M paint protection film on my brand new 545i. Like many of car enthusiasts, I demand perfection on any  work done to my cars. You met my high expectation.
I'm glad that I chose you for the 3M clear bra installation and not  just any installer with cheaper price.
You treated your customers' cars with greatest care.

Outstanding workmanship!!!! Shows a real pride in his work and my customers really appreciate it. He makes the application of the Vinyl Stoneguard look easy (and I know it is not - been there, tried that!).
Mike  ; JBJ Cycles 

I would like to take the time to truly thank Ultimate Auto Care for another great "Clear Bra" install on my brand new Porsche 996.  It turned out flawless.  Thanks again for taking the time to do it right and for being just as much a perfectionist as I am.   Also I was quite impressed with all the custom wheel well and door handle protection you were able to apply.  Now I finally get to drive this car as I was waiting anxiously for our appointment (I appreciate you fitting me in before my trip).  I look forward to seeing you next weekend to take care of the Escalade clear bra and as soon as you can get the Rover's front end repainted we'll do that as well.
     For anyone else looking into this protection it is a must have.  I will never own another car without it.  Just as important as the product itself is the professional installation.  I will never have another clear bra installed by anyone besides Ultimate Auto Care and here is why:
     I own 12 cars and am very particular on how they look.  Cadillac, Porsche, Land Rover, Bentley, GMC dually,  restored classics ETC.   Ultimate has been the only ones to truly satisfy me with their immaculate detailing services.  About 4 years ago Sean introduced the invisible auto bra protection to me and did several of my vehicles.   It was a blessing because I have a place in Texas, Utah and Orange County Ca.  so I am always putting lots of mileage on my cars.  I was hooked ever since but I have had a couple bad experiences with the film.  I made the mistake of having the protection installed on my pick-up by the dealership in Texas.  I figured I liked the product and it didn't matter who did it.  Needless to say I was very disappointed with the work.  The film looked hazy and there were many stretch marks and air bubbles.  It even began to peel up on a few spots.  I had them redo it with much the same poor results.  At first I was under the impression that it was just the bozo who put it on (which it was) but made the same mistake again(different car and different dealership).  This time I even found razor blade cuts in my paint!!!
I have since learned my lesson and will only be using Ultimate Auto Care for all my Paint Protection needs.  They are prompt, professional, and fairly priced, but above all they provide good old fashioned customer service.  They take the time to explain all the options and answer all the questions that you can throw at them.  That is hard to find in many service businesses these days.  I highly recommend them to protect your prized vehicle.
JP Hyan

I recently had my Laguna Blue S done recently in Orange CA (Ultimate Autocare) and Sean did an excellent job. This is truly a labor intensive process for a good job and as posted above the bumper/spoiler on our cars is not easy. I think Xpel rates the bumper at its highest difficulty rating. He really had to mold and shape the material quite a bit on the bumper but it came a great!

I have had my last three cars done (04 Acura TL, 04 350Z and now my S) and I wouldn't be without it. My drive to work is filled with gravel trucks and although my winshield is quite pitted on the TL, my paint is still perfect.

I went with the 3M material on my S. It has a more glossy finish, but with a little more "orange peel" look. Overall it looked best out the three materials he offers. I think you can choose from 3M, Venture or Dennison, all with their own positives and negatives.

If you are in or near the Orange County area, I would definately look this guy up. The collection of pictures from his work is mind blowing. He has done a large number of unbeleivable exotics and he appears to have many repeat customers.

Stu E.

Sean at ultimate auto care is Pro!. The Protection works perfect, he's installed it on both my car and my truck.  I will be calling him from now on on all my new vehicles. I recommend Ultimate's Auto protection to everyone who wants to keep their vehicle pristine.  
 Marty Cherrie

As I mentioned to you before, the ultimate shield is one of the best investments I have made in car care. I showed off the car to some of my friends after you finished on Saturday, and they could hardly tell it was on. I appreciate the great and careful work you performed. The clear shield continues to be an excellent product-my 2000 S2000 still looks great with no front end pits. From now on, I will certainly have you install the ultimate shield on every car that I purchase.
Thanks again for fitting me in last minute.

I own a 2005 Arctic Silver Porsche Carerra. I considered a clear bra when the car was first delivered but could not find anyone I trusted to work on my "baby." I absolutely loved the new Porsche Silver and figured the bra would ruin the look of the vehicle. I had other concerns, like damage to the paint or possible problems in the future should I want to remove the bra. In addition I absolutely demand the best workmanship and wanted someone who would not only have high work ethics, attention to detail but also work on my car like it was their own!

After 4,000 miles the road chips were building up on the hood, bumper and headlights. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended Sean and coming from someone I respected and knew was equally fanatical about his cars I contacted Sean immediately.

Sean was prompt, courteous and very professional. He set my mind to rest on all my concerns about the bra and proceeded to do an outstanding job on my car. The overall fit and look of the bra is unbelievable, you would not know it was there!! One week later I noticed a few minor imperfections in the film on my headlights. Most people would have blown that off as being too small, however, Sean was at my house the next day with a new film and the finished product was great. I would recommend Sean anytime, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Brian T. Nevill
PVD Coatings LLC


"The service I recieved was A+.  Sean made every convenience available to me.  He took time out of his schedule to fit me in at last minutes notice.  I was in a hurry to get protection for my paint before I made a 400 mile journey in my new Evo.  Sean did a stellar job on my car, and the product kept my car safe from all the rocks, bugs, and various debris I encountered."
Also as a sidenote, I recently got a rock that hit my windshield and theres a small crack... do you repair windshields or someone that does?

Thank you for the referral. I checked the 3M website and then contacted Ultimate Auto Care in Placentia/Anaheim Hills. Sean Heiland did the installation yesterday on my 1957 Thunderbird and he did an excellent job. I couldn't be happier. He came to my home, was very professional, and even cleaned up when he was finished.  Every time I look at it, I can't believe it is there!
Thanks for the great looking install—the film application is flawless! I appreciate you being able to come out and do the job onsite. I’ll keep the cards and if anyone asks, I will gladly point them in your direction.

Hi Zack,
For "custom" Paint Protection Film applications I would recommend another installer. Sean www.ultimateautocare.com. he has a lot of experience in custom installations.    A custom insallation starts with a 18" wide sheet of film and it is stretched over the body part, then it is hand cut.    This is a common practice in the industry.    Sean, is one of the best. Give him a call and he will be able to accomodate you.    Thank you for the enquire, let me know if  you have any more questions.

I'd really like to thank sean for the excellent service he provided for my BMW X3. Sean was very helpful and answered all of my questions throughly. His installation of the film was extremely professional and he finished the install at the promised time . Sean is the best at what he does and I would not hessitate to recommend others to him for professional quality work. Thanks Sean, I really appreciate your professionalism and honesty.
 Taken Off RoadFly BMW Forum:    http://bimmer.roadfly.org/bmw/forums/e85/5410753-1.html

Ultimate Auto Care (SoCal) did a great install!
Thanks for everybody's input on the "clear bras". I finally concluded that I wanted 3M's current generation of film b/c it supposedly yellows far less than its previous versions and b/c of the top coat that seals the porous urethane.

As for the brand of pattern, I chose X-pel b/c it seemed to offer fewer relief cuts and StoneGard's SoCal installer only just recently finished the training course.

I also learned that it may be advantageous to choose an installer that cuts the patterns on his own plotter. If part of the install goes badly, it would be easier for him/her to just cut another piece rather than trying to fix a bad job. I imagine you would get more resistance to a re-install if your installer has to pay out-of-pocket for a replacement kit from X-pel.

Also, many installers do use razor blades on the film while on the car. You have to avoid the inexperienced ones. My installer (see below) demonstrated how he scores the film (and not cut) for the custom pieces. But he also mentioned that he would not use any razors and could cut his patterns off the car without problem.

After all this, I wanted to recommend Sean Heiland in SoCal. He did a terrific job on the Z4. I had standard X-pel patterns cut on 3M film placed on the front hood, front bumper including front spoiler, headlights, foglights, side mirrors, rear fender, and rear bumper strip. I had him do custom work on the areas behind the front and rear wheels, A-pillars and door edges.

I told Sean I was very particular and would not be happy if the films were placed with any bubbles or marring and that each piece had to be perfectly aligned. He was always professional, courteous, and did a really spectacular job. If any of you are interested in this paint protection film, I would definitely contact Sean at the following:

Ultimate Auto Care
1718 n. Neville st.
Orange CA 92865

To whom it may concern,
I have been doing business with Ultimate Auto for the past three years. I have an affection for beautiful cars and looked for someone that can share that affection through pride in workmanship. Sean has Clear Bra'd my 2004 Corvette Z06, 2001 Chrysler Prowler, 2006 Escalade, 2006 Jaguar XJ8 and now my childhood dream - The 2006 Ford GT.
Sean is a true master at what he does and I would not trust anyone else with my vehicles other than Ultimate Auto Care!
Sam A.

"To anyone interested in the Clear Bra, let me start by saying I was extremely nervous about getting it installed on my new CTS and M3, but after speaking with Sean I could tell he was a pro.  We arranged for him to be at my home at 8:00 AM and when I walked outside at 7:55 he was pulling in the driveway.  The care he provided was exceptional and the finished results were absolutely perfect.  I can finally drive without worrying about bugs and debris attacking the front of these cars and best of all it really looks great."
Nick DeNapoli
Anaheim Hills
, CA

Thanks again for the great job on my SLK 320. I just bought a new 2004 C240 Wagon (stop laughing). Can you please give me a quote for the clear bra for that? Thanks!
- Adam Harita

The “Ultimate Shield” is the perfect product for those who take pride in their vehicles or weekend toys.  Sean of Ultimate Auto Care introduced this product to me as a way to protect my new sandrail from the harsh conditions of the sand & dirt.  I had the professionals at Ultimate Auto care install their custom kit on my sandrail & within the first 2 trips it virtually paid for itself.  Not only did it keep the powder coated finish shiny, it protected the finish from several dings that are impossible to match without re-powder coating.  Needles to say, when I purchased my new truck, the Ultimate Shield was the first accessory put on my truck!  “The Ultimate Shield doesn’t cost, it pays!” 
Ken Erkenbrack  

I have heard nothing but great things about your installs of clear bra's on Infiniti G35 Coupes, unfortunately I am located in north florida and obviously can not reap the benefits of your services.
I was wondering if there was any chance you could recommend someone in my area that would be able to offer the same pricing and service? I appreciate any help you can offer. I have also thought about buying the material and installing it myself, if you think this could be a possibility also let me know.
jason sadler
04 g35 coupe

Overall, I am very happy with the product. Unless you are a few inches away, you can hardly notice it is there. Sean At Ultimate Auto Care was very professional and did a great job on the install. I have had the clear bra for two weeks and it has already saved my bumper on numerous occasions. Thanks.

To: Prospective 3M Paint Protection Buyers
I found Ultimate Shield through 3M's website referral. Sean took the time to thoroughly explain the product and his services, giving me all the information I needed to make a decision. He followed up with an email quote. Logistically it was difficult for me because of where I lived and worked. He offered to install at my garage at a convenient time for me. The results were just as he described. It's a pleasure having worked with someone who takes pride in their work.
William Pittman
Irvine, CA
2004 Acura MDX  

“I’ve been doing business with Sean and the Ultimate Auto Care crew for more than 6 years now, and I couldn’t be happier with the work they’ve done. Whether it be a complete detail or ordering accessories (billet parts, paint protection kits etc.) Ultimate Auto Care always puts forth 100% in the work that they do. Sean and his crew have always been very hardworking, dedicated, and reliable. I have always been completely satisfied with my vehicle after it has been in Ultimate’s hands. For anyone who wants to have their automobile taken care of professionally, I highly recommend Sean and the rest of the Ultimate Auto Care crew.”
--Dan O’Leary, Placentia CA 

I recently got a new front bumper installed on my 2002 BMW M3 coupe. The bumper is similar to the oem bumper except it doesn't have openings for foglamps. can you custom cut a sheet for the front bumper that will protect it? There is one opening in it on the drivers side. Its a perfect circle. There are also a pair of CF splitters on the bottom that I would like to have covered. The splitters can be removed easily so you can more accurately cut the material. I attached some pictures of the bumper. Please give me a quote for cash payment and when you can install. The armada is doing great. Couldn't be happier with the stone guard on it. Those extra pieces you added to the door handle area have really paid off.
Thanks again,
Jim Chambers 

Just wanted to say Thanks! and everything looks great!
Just wanted to ask you what products would you reccomend to me if I wanted to get started on a car washing kit......what products would I basically need to get a good shine :-) From start to finish.

Sean once again, THANKYOU. I was so pleased with the previous car that you had done for me so, i had to get the new car done up too. This is the best investment i have ever put into my car. I'm gonna defiantly gonna send my friends over to see you. Thankyou for your time and your great customer service, and saving me money in the long run!
Peter Tran 

Hi, Bill:
The big news is that I had a Clear Bra installed today. It is fantastic. You can't see it unless you know what you're looking for. No fuss -- just wash and wax it just like the rest of the car. It has a 5 year 3M warranty -- that's how long it should last under harsh conditions such as Arizona sun. Since Thunder is usually garaged, it should last longer. The best part is that I don't have to hassle putting the black bra on and off on road trips!
I took a few pictures of the Clear Bra, aka Ultimate Shield. (See attached.)
If you decide to have Ol' Blue shielded from rocks, call Sean Heiland at Ultimate Auto Care at 714-412-4851. Sean's e-mail address is sean@ultimateshield.com. He's located in Placentia (near the 91 and 57 freeways) on Orangethorpe. His website is at http://www.ultimateshield.com. I don't think he'll go to San Marcos/Escondido without an extra charge to cover gas/time, however, he can do it in his shop. Thunder took about 3 hours so I would think Ol' Blue would be about the same. Maybe we could go out for breakfast/lunch while you're waiting. However, if you are like me, you'll want to watch!
Please tell Sean I referred you to him. That way I'll get credit towards his Referral Awards Program :-)

Hey Sean,
Thanks for taking care of the GTO bumper.  I also appreciate not only your helpful pointers, but that you seem to be treating my customers with the highest levels of quality and service.  I’m glad that we have been able to form this referral relationship and that it seems to be working for both of us!

 Thanks again,

GOT Clear Bra?

Hey guys, I was just wondering how many of you have one on your G? I got mine about 2 weeks ago from Sean @ ulimate auto care and I must say WOW.
Not only is this practically invisible, but its easy to clean and not to mention, I dont have to wory about all the nicks caused by rocks and dead bugs I plow threw while driving. I just wanted to let everyone know if you need to get one installed give <mailto:sean@ultimateshield.com> Sean a buzz and check out some of his work <http://www.ultimateautocare.com/> www.UltimateShield.com He took care of me and im sure he'll take care of you. Even though he wasen't the closest to me he was the one with the best customer service and a good price.

I hope you get this e-mail, I have tried to send you a message since you sent me those photos of my car. 
Thanks for the great job, I’ll definitely let my friends know about you. Thanks for the compliments on the garage, we spent a lot of time getting it just right. “Clean” is the best word to describe it!
I see you also do window tinting – I should have asked you about it before – how much would it be to get the SLK tinted?
Anyway, thanks again for a great job.
- Adam

Sean - you did my front end about a month ago.
     I was driving on the freeway no less than four days after you installed the shield and a board (about half of one slat) from a broken pallet flew up from the car in front of me. It hit my front end "hard" going about 70 mph. I was crushed.....the car was less than a week old and I already had my first damage. I checked the front end about ten minutes later when I stopped. I was thrilled to find only a slight scuff where this board had hit the shield instead of my paint. Not only did it protect the paint from chipping but I believe it also prevented a dent. Put that story on your testimonial page. 
Thank you.

Hi Sean
I am so happy with the work you did on the clear bra installation. Your workmanship is absolutely top notch.

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